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IMPORTANT Notice to Patients (May 2017)

Potential Merge Consultation
It is now fast approaching twelve months since the practice relocated to our new premises here at Newbury Place Health Centre and now that all the NHS organisations have also moved into the building, we can start to review how to improve the level and range of services that we can offer to the patients in the local area.

As part of this process, we are pleased to advise that Newbury Green Medical Practice is looking at the possibility of joining up with Limefield Medical Practice to form one large practice. Limefield Medical Practice is also a well-established and respected practice and is one of the other two practices that have moved into the new building. These changes will enable us to increase both the range and scale of services that are offered to patients as there will be increased numbers of clinical staff as well as flexibility of space to allow various specialist clinics to be provided closer to home for patients who currently may have to travel longer distances to access these services.

We continue to work closely with a number of associated groups including Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Greater Manchester Shared Services and NHS England in order to ensure that if it proceeds, this merge process is completed as quickly, efficiently and seamlessly as possible with the intention being that there be no disruption for patients.

Recruitment for extra GPs remains ongoing. We have already secured the services Dr Golam Chowdhury as a GP partner (w.e.f. Feb 2017) as well as an additional Locum GP to ensure that there is no additional pressure on our existing appointments system which is constantly being reviewed to find ways to increase access for all patients. Patients who are currently registered with NGMP should notice no changes to their current arrangements and all existing services will continue to be offered.

It is important to us that the views of our patients are considered so please could you take a couple of moments to reflect on this situation and we would be most grateful if you could make a note of your thoughts and/or observations and either email them to us on with the subject line "Merge Consultation" or drop in to the practice and fill in a comments sheet at reception.