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Patient Participation Group Report Extract - Action Plan Priority Areas and Implementation (March 2015)

Priority Area 1: Improvement of Patient access

What actions were taken to address the priority?
  • Recruitment of an additional GP - an ongoing process due to recent staff turnover
  • Review of appointment slot types to establish a better mix of routine / same day / 48-hour slots
  • Increased number of telephone appointments in order to offer a more efficient system of triage
  • Merging practices to increase flexibility and options for patients (e.g. choice of GP gender)
  • Promotion of on-line appointment booking actions
  • Started to look at neighbourhood wide extended access project with a view to more evening/weekend options

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):
  • Access initially improved with routine wait times less than one week - recent increase again as population increased by 3.4% y-o-y
  • The limited improvement was due to clinical staff changes / demographic demand and an increasing number of slots offered being required as "doubles" for non-English speaking patients. So far in 2015 there is an average 155 interpreter bookings per MONTH which is a massive impact and for which the practice receives no funding to meet the demand
  • The original extended access proposal was identified as too ambitious in its scope and will be reviewed by the new Neighbourhood CCG quality team to develop options for expanding weekend and/or evening surgery options
  • Plans and update of actions / results displayed in waiting area
  • Minutes of all meetings published on website and copies sent directly to all PPG members

Priority Area 2: Improving communication to patients and wait area notice priorities and increasing PPG membership

What actions were taken to address the priority?
  • Website updated monthly when appropriate need
  • Waiting area de-cluttered - only most important information and merge/relocation consultation details displayed
  • Generic email address created for patients to contact the practice
  • Implementation of Friends & Family survey
  • Additional staff recruited
  • Agreement to communicate with PPG members in a virtual environment to promote increased recruitment
  • GPs to canvass recruits (when appropriate) at times of consultation
  • Greater flexibility / change in prescription messages (depending on priorities at any given time)
  • Twitter account set up to provide an additional medium for communication (specifically about the relocation issue)

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):
  • Volume of feedback from patients has increased although messages still occasionally appear to get lost in large waiting area
  • Limited impact because of language barrier difficulties and we do not have resource to disseminate info/advice in the many different languages required
  • PPG members have offered significant advice as to the construction of electronic surveys and documents in the future which is an option that will be further explored in 2015/16
  • Website undergoing development (internally) to improve user interface and submission of various forms (e.g. F&F Test)
  • So far: 71+% have indicated they would be highly likely / likely to recommend the practice - a goal to improve in 2015

Priority Area 3: Issues surrounding both the merge with the other practice at Higher Broughton and the relocation, AND the effect of both on provision of services normally, and in conjunction with winter pressure and innovation fund monies

What actions were taken to address the priority?
  • Designated, prime location notice board in waiting area with option detailed for patient comment
  • Updates on website / Twitter
  • Consultation process carried out with detailed report(s) sent to, and approved by NHS England
  • Flyers distributed to all patients by all staff (admin and clinical)
  • Patients surveyed to canvass opinion as to what services would be required / desired at the new health centre when built – this was discussed in greater detail at various PPG meetings

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):
  • Consultation process approved and mergers authorised, ultimately providing more flexible and enhanced service options for patients
  • Improved range of nursing services and access to nurse clinics
  • Waiting on completion of new building for an actual move date and SRFT / other secondary care providers for information about the commissioning of new services or relocation of existing services to provide an improved one-stop shop for patients
  • Details to be published on website
  • Patient feedback about provision of additional services shared with Salford CCG and building developer