Teaching Practice

We are a teaching practice and help to train new doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals.

Foundation Doctor (FY2)

A foundation doctor is a qualified medical practitioner who is undertaking a two-year postgraduate medical training programme. Over those two years the doctors will work five placements in a variety of hospital departments, plus one four-month placement in a GP practice. This allows them to gain a wider range of knowledge and experience before they choose to work towards a specialty or GP training.

During their placement at Newbury Green Medical Practice the Foundation Doctor will learn about working in a GP practice under the tutelage of our training lead GP, with the support of the whole practice team.

Medical Students

Over their five years of medical school, medical students undertake various placements to learn and gain skills which will help them in the future. As part of this, Newbury Green Medical Practice offers them opportunities including sitting in and observing consultations with a doctor or nurse, interviewing patients to learn how a disability or long-term condition can impact each person, and practicing taking medical histories and examining patients whilst supervised by a qualified member of staff.